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My wife Keri and I have been helping our clients achieve things they didn't think possible collectively for almost the last 30 years. Her for 10 years, me for 19. During this time the fitness industry has changed quite a bit. Some things for the better, some not. One thing that has stayed constant is that education and experience has NO substitute. The focus with our clients is teaching the foundations of movement and nutrition while sticking to solid science and common sense principles.  We all have our own specific reasons for why we want to make changes in our lives, whether it be eliminating pain or weight loss, being healthier or more fit. Those things all mean something different to each of us.  
No matter what your specific goal may be, when you have the right knowledge, a good plan and proper coaching in place to help you execute that plan, you can achieve whatever you want.  Chances are if you have found your way to us, there's a problem that no one else has been able to help you figure out or you're stuck trying to figure it out on your own. If you've read some of our client testimonials, you'll feel pretty confident knowing that you've found the answer to get the help you need. We will help you figure it out and teach you how to take better care of yourself, the right way. 
We are not for everyone. We will not waste your time with gimmicks and nonsense. Investing in your health is one of the smartest investments you can make. Make the right choice and hire the right coach for you. Schedule a call with us and find out if we are a good fit for you.       ~ Greg Hayes   NASM CPT, CES 


“Over the last 2 years I have done online training with Keri and I can’t say enough about it, it has been a life changer and saver! I went from working out 2 hours/6 days a week to 30min/3 days a week. Not only am I seeing better results…but I have 10.5 hrs back to my life to enjoy more precious time with my kiddos, yes!  We even went overseas to China for part of this time and online training allowed me to stay fit in my apartment. You see, Keri personalizes all training not only to what your capabilities are but also to what you have to utilize at your fingertips. Trust me…one can get a killer workout using only their own body weight if that is all they have to use.  Worth the investment…life changing!”  -Lisa Gardner, Perrysburg, OH


“This past winter when I was away from the studio for a month, I enrolled in the on-line training with Keri.  Just as if I was right there in the studio, I was given a set of exercises specifically selected for me by Keri. I was able to go to a local fitness center where I had the free weights, TRX, kettle bells, and stability ball practically all to myself, to do the prescribed exercises.  The exercises all had links to You Tube videos so that I would do the exercises correctly, just as if Keri were right there watching me. Personal training is most effective when it’s done in the studio, but when I couldn’t do that, this was an excellent alternative.  I did not lose any of the strength that I had built up with Keri.”  -Bev Woodard, Brighton, MI


I came in the first time in early March pretty fit…not new to workouts and training. But I was a newly diagnosed, insulin dependent diabetic, with a history of back issues and was now facing cancer surgery. I was looking for a professional who knew what they were doing and would be able to work with me to figure it out. I found that in Greg Hayes! He’s helped me put it all back together…and it feels darn good.  Training with Greg and working with Keri is much more that a workout. They are professionals…they know exactly what they are doing and how to help you! -Sally Newstead

I love this place! In June I started small group training with Keri and what a positive, wonderful difference it’s made in my life. I also work with Greg Hayes who has helped correct some painful body issues. They are kind, professional and know their stuff! This Grandma has NEVER been stronger! Thank you! -Teresa Felipe

Greg and Keri are amazing trainers who are well educated and go above and beyond the limits for their clients. They are very focused on your well being and will work around your schedule. I have been working with them since March and they have taught me so much about my self and my strength. If anyone is looking for a personal trainer, please give them a try. You will not regret it. You have nothing to lose and a lot to gain. -Mandy Peters

I would recommend Keri as a personal trainer to anyone! She has a way of connecting with each of her clients on a personal level. I never felt judged by Keri. She uses common sense and knows everyone is human. She emphasizes making little changes and incorporating them realistically into your normal day-to-day life. Keri always challenged me physically but in a way that didn’t hurt or scare me away; in fact, she made me always anticipate our next session!? I also love the fact that Keri truly understood proper form and nutrition and could teach me the same. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to train with her and I recommend her to all my friends! -Erin Edwards

These last few months I have seen so many changes. I have more energy, feeling great, but most of all I have no more knee pain. Working with you has helped me get back into a healthy lifestyle. I have not had to wear my knee brace and my sugar levels have evened out. I find that I can do more things without getting tried or winded quickly. I am seeing wonderful results and I owe it all to you Keri, my wonderful trainer and you always believing in me.  -Chelsea Clemans

Having known Greg for over two years now, I can honestly say that he is one of the best trainers I have ever worked with. He has a unique way of training and focuses on the rehabilitative part of training first, rather than just handing you weights for 30 minutes. He has an innate ability to figure out what’s inhibiting you from being at your optimal level of performance and focuses on fixing that before letting you move onto something else. In my personal experience, having been exposed to many trainers over the past 10 years, one of the things I notice with most is they tend to leap before they look. They ask you what your goals are and just focus on the things you want to make ‘bigger’ or ‘smaller’ without taking any consideration into whats inhibiting you from being bigger or smaller already. That’s the main difference I notice and appreciate with Greg. His main concern is YOU, and that’s what is important to people. He is always the first trainer I refer people to, and will continue to do so. -Jen Pierce, LMT

When I first met Greg in 2009( and have worked on and off with him over the years and just recently started training with him again), I was looking for a trainer that was a bit different than your typical trainer. One who was willing to not just do the same old exercises that people think of when picturing what a personal trainer does. As a past college golfer and past touring golf professional, I wanted someone who would train me more like an athlete, than a bodybuilder or a physique model. I also wanted someone that could relate what i have studied clinically in Exercise Physiology and Kinesiology,and be able to understand as well as being able to apply it in workouts. Greg fit the mold perfectly. One of his sayings that has stuck with me is that there are two types of workouts basically. The first is the workout that you would do to look good standing still (bodybuilder), the second is the workout that you would do to look good while you move ( athlete). Also Greg has the innate ability it seems, to notice a problem within a clients kinetic chain and find a solution to fix said problem. For example, I myself have had some major injuries that have limited my hip flexors and my ability to perform squats. He noticed a problem with dorsiflexion in my ankle and has devised workouts , which in turn have increased my range of motion in my hip flexors. Since starting back up with Greg i have lost ~ 27 pounds reduced body fat by 8 % and gained more lean muscle. Greg has a passion in what he does that is rare these days.I not only value him as a trainer who has who has helped me as a man of 51 keep in shape but i also consider him  a good friend.  -Roy Donnerberg, PhD

Before I found Keri, I had a membership to the local gym for over a year. I went twice. I just couldn’t get myself to go. So, I hired Keri to develop a virtual training plan for me, since I live in Maine and she’s in Ohio. She’s a true professional – she sent me all the information I needed to get started. She took down all of my current measurements,  asked for my goal and used it to create a customized exercise program that I actually got excited about. It was SO easy! The eating plan was a spreadsheet that had drop down tabs that helped me plan out my day. And her rotating workouts were challenging, but doable – and believe it or not, fun.I’m not a lover of exercise- and before I knew it, I was knocking out Keri’s workouts like a pro. She was always there with help and encouragement and when I plateaued and just couldn’t budge another pound no matter what we tried, she went back to the drawing board and reworked some things. She didn’t give up on me and she got me through the rough spots. I dropped 18 pounds on Keri’s program, without a gym and without buying any additional workout equipment. Any time I had any questions, Keri had answers. I stayed motivated because I had a virtual “safe place” where I had support, encouragement, knowledge and resources when I needed them. I highly recommend her services, she’s amazing!”  -Nikki Littlefield Fenderson

I am the proverbial broken down former athlete. I started working with Greg in the summer of 2013. I came in with a laundry list of ailments (a shoulder surgery and four knee operations- including two ACL reconstructions and meniscus repair in the same knee) that I wanted to address. Over the last six months I have seen incredible results. I am 15 lbs lighter, have reduced the pain in my shoulder and knees. I can finally sleep through the night with NO issues in my shoulder. Each workout with Greg is fresh and targeted to what you need. He brings great energy and support each week. You can tell he loves what he is doing! He has helped me to create a sustainable way to keep myself healthy and positive even after all of my surgeries. I would recommend Greg to anyone! -Casey Burke

I am doing really well. I feel great and find I have more energy. I wanted to let you know I had to have my thyroid levels checked last week because it was too high six months ago. After reading the article on your facebook page about soy and what it can do to the body I have stopped eating it and last week my levels came back to normal range. While my doctor won’t concede it was purely the soy, I know it was because I changed nothing else. I cannot thank you enough, truly I mean it. I would have had to start on thyriod medication and who knows what side effects that could have given me. Thank You Keri!  -Tara Shiman

I started working with Greg in January of 2008, basically because I hit the point in my life where I didn’t like myself anymore. I was 37, overweight, out of shape, had high blood pressure, and miserable. Turning to Greg was one of the best decisions I have ever made, he worked with me to help me drop almost 70 pounds, got my blood pressure under control so I was able to go off my medication, and gave me an overall better lifestyle. Since working with Greg, I have run several 5k’s, several half marathons, and 6 marathons – who wants to join me at the finish line? Thanks Greg! -Chad Jones

In April 2010, I finally had enough. I was 232 lbs and 48% body fat. I had been over weight all my life but was at my highest after my youngest child was born. I felt gross and was ready to change, when I met Greg. He gave me hope. At first I didn’t know what to expect, or really even think it would work. I had tried losing weight many times and always failed. I had joined many gyms and stopped going after a few months because I never saw results. I signed up with Greg and thought it was worth a shot. After a few sessions, he actually made working out “FUN”. He taught me how to eat better and helped control my diet. I was finally losing weight. I felt better, and had more energy. I have now lost 65lbs and am down to 31% body fat. I have dropped 8 dress sizes and feel amazing. Thanks Greg! I couldn’t have done it without you! -Marcie Sandera


Keri worked with my high school girl’s lacrosse team (Howell Highlanders)  in the off- season to condition them for their upcoming season. They met twice a week to work on strength, speed and agility. She worked them hard, but also made it fun for them. I did notice a difference in my team on the field. I did personal training with Keri before she moved. She was a great motivator and helped introduce me to new, yet simple, exercises to work my muscles differently. The variety of workouts kept me engaged and her positive attitude kept me coming back. Keri’s workouts were effective and I noticed changes in me that I could never have made working out on my own. She’s knowledgeable, creative, encouraging! -Deanna Radclif

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